Shepherds of the Abyss v1.0 is released!

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First, let us extend our sincerest thanks to everyone that joined us for Early Access and helped us by playing and providing feedback. We really, really appreciate it and hope you enjoy the final game. As always, let us know what you think in the Community Hub or on Twitter @TheImpulseGames

Quite a bit has changed over the course of our Early Access, so here is an overview of some of the bigger design changes you'll find in Shepherds of the Abyss v1.0:

The Game's Pace

First and foremost, the game is much faster paced. We ultimately agreed with feedback we had received that the game felt too slow/sluggish, so we greatly increased the speed and action, and then rebalanced accordingly.

Gameplay Clarity

Secondly, in our Early Access builds, it wasn't easy enough for players to always identify cause-and-effect in regards to their decisions and the outcomes. The result was the game could often feel "muddy" because the reasons for winning or losing weren't always clear. Therefore, we wanted to significantly increase the gameplay's clarity, so we redesigned our units and the way we establish the incoming wave.

Unit Buffs

Each unit in the wave is now affected by a set of unique buffs that provide clear advantages (more health, faster speed, shields, etc.) - meaning these strengths are tied to buffs and not to specific units. The buffs are displayed in a grid so that players can easily identify them and respond accordingly (see the game's screenshots for an example). They can also perform limited moves to change the locations and strengths of these buffs by moving them in the grid. This system gives players some control over the incoming wave, to be used in response to the strengths and weaknesses of their current base.

Tower Changes

We also reworked each tower to act as a hard counter to one of the buffs. In doing so, we've shifted the strategic depth to mazing, base-building, and tower utilization, which was one of our original goals at the beginning of development.

In the end, these changes to units and towers should make the reasons for the outcomes of your decisions much clearer.

Co-op Survival

In addition to updates to the Survival and 1v1 game modes, we've also added Co-op Survival, where you and a friend can join together to try to survive as many waves as possible.

There are countless other changes, and we've reworked the tutorial and added achievements, so if you haven't played in a while, be sure to hop in and check out this very extensive update!