Shepherds of the Abyss coming to Steam Early Access on June 30th!

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We are excited to announce the Early Access date for Shepherds of the Abyss: June 30th! Visit our Steam store page here:

Why Early Access?
Impulse Games is a small team with only 3 full-time developers, so Early Access will be extremely beneficial to Shepherds of the Abyss because it will allow us to get far more feedback from varied perspectives while we finish building the game. This is a unique vision for tower defense, so we want to get other tower defense fans involved in helping us make this game as fun as possible. It will also give us more information and data from which to make balance changes, fix issues like crashes on different systems/setups, etc. before final release.

We invite all of the Early Access participants to join us on Discord to talk about the game, share their feedback, join us in some matches, or just to chat. The link to our official Shepherds of the Abyss Discord server is here:

What To Expect
On June 30th, Shepherds of the Abyss will become available for Early Access purchase on Steam. The starting price will be $9.99, and that price may increase for final release. We expect the Early Access duration to be around 2 months.
It is worth noting that Shepherds of the Abyss is still in an Alpha state. We are replacing a lot of the art in an ongoing process, so the art (especially the art for our towers) will not be final.

Furthermore, we will be using the data we gather from multiplayer matches to make balance changes, design changes, etc., and this will be an ongoing process, likely even after full release in the future.

In other words, towers or abilities may be too strong or too weak, the game may not run well on some systems, and it may even crash. Finding and fixing these issues is why we are entering Early Access before doing a full release, so please just bear that in mind.

We look forward to seeing you in game on June 30th!